3 Positions That Make Sex Last Longer

3 Positions That Make Sex Last Longer

There are many different tricks and tips to help prolong sex, but for many men, just a few positions that make you last longer might be all that you need. These are easy, can change the intensity of stimulation, and the best part is that she will love them too!

Position #1 - Doggystyle

Doggystyle is not only extremely appealing to many men, but it can also help you control your ejaculatory response much easier. This is simply when a woman gets on all fours and you are behind her, but the beauty of using this sexual position is that it puts you in control and allows you to be deep within her.

Many women have agreed that they like this position a lot better than many others, but the benefits of helping men prolong sex makes all the better to use.

Position #2 - Cowgirl

Cowgirl is also often times referred to as woman on top and is one of the other key positions that make you last longer. You can do this with her facing you, or her buttocks facing you instead (reverse cowgirl).

This will allow for the deepest penetration, which she will love, but it will also minimize thrusting to help you be in control, and it uses deep massaging to please her.

Position #3 - Reverse Spoon

Have you heard of spooning? this is where you lay beside each other, with her back to your stomach. Only in this position, lay facing each other. It's not only extremely romantic but really helps you prolong the need to ejaculate too soon.

At first you might find it a little tricky to slide in, but no worries -- just give it a chance and you will find out that it's really not that hard, and it will also greatly minimize the intense stimulation that puts you out of control.

Other Tips

Positions are just one way to help you last longer, but you can also use other little tricks and techniques to make sex last as well.

For instance, creams and desensitizing sprays do work well for a short period of time when you need them most. Although some are better than others, you shouldn't rule this out.

Foreplay is extremely powerful and sets her up for an amazing finish, but it's also an excuse for you to make sex last longer with her, and if you ever need a break to recover, there is nothing wrong with refraining from intercourse and putting your focus on her for a while instead.

You can use cunnilingus, your tongue, fingers - just about anything to bring her pleasure. In fact, many women can't achieve an orgasm through intercourse alone. They also need help and oral is one way that you can really pleasure her.

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