Free Online Dating Service Helps Healing Old Wound

I never thought I would find the love of my life through a free online dating service. I have been an active member in this free online dating community for quite some time and even dated a few gorgeous girls, but they were all causal flings. Maybe I wasn?t looking to be in a serious relationship. My last experience was a bit too much for me to handle. I was in a relationship for 3 years and life was proceeding smoothly. I even denied a very lucrative job offer in another city so I could be with her. She was a part-time model and wanted to make it big in the fashion arena. I used to finance her portfolio shoots and even accompanied her many times to her shoots. I felt a bit out of place in there but I wanted her to be happy and that?s why would support her every decision. I look back now and laugh at it all, what I saw as love, she saw as an opportunity to take advantage of.

Gradually she would accept longer and further away shoots, financed by me, and would be absent for days without telling me a thing. Still I tried to make it work for both of our sakes, but one day I learned she had been seeing another man on the side. A million thoughts raced through my mind about what to do. I had been experiencing a great deal of pain at this time, and decided to void all cheques she had written to hers and other agencies, I threw her out of my home and sold the car I had bought for her.

Since that week, I?ve learned to not put so much trust in women; I refrain from emotional attachment now. Casual flings and physical intimacy for some time is ok, but nothing more than that. Then I met Julia through a free online dating service. Before we met physically, I chatted a couple of times with her on the free online dating service chat room. I must say I was attracted by her intellect even from the first time we met on free online dating service chat. She was a dietician, part time writer, and painter. She also did a lot of charity work and was a very serious human rights activist. There was a special charm even in our common conversation.

Before we decided to meet over dinner I had already made up my mind not to be romantically involved with her. But by the time we had met, I found myself already growing fond of her, her intelligence and personality was simply amazing. She was gorgeous no doubt, but more than that she was a lovely human being and her honesty and straightforwardness was something to admire.

It?s been three months since we first met on the free online dating service and we are still going strong. I?m not sure what lies ahead for us, but as of now we are happy and its all thanks to the free online dating service.

Getting Back With An Ex Girlfriend – Don’t Rush Into This!

If you are thinking of getting back with an ex girlfriend, its important that you don't rush. This is a big step and you have to take things nice and slow. For starters, think about the reason that you broke up. How was your relationship with her at that time? Probably not too good, I would imagine. So it's important that you don't get back with an ex girlfriend, if its just going to cause the same misery that caused the breakup in the first place. That would just be really stupid wouldn't it?

Instead, think about what drew you to her in the first place? The beginning is almost always the best part. Because it doesn't really seem like work, does it? It's almost always fun and games, because you are still getting to know each other. You always make time to be with each other. Later on, it doesn't feel like that. It feels like you really have to struggle to make this relationship work.

Sit and down and think about the difference between those early stages of your relationship and contrast that to the end of the relationship. Who changed? What changed?

Look at yourself in the mirror! Don't place all the blame on her, irregardless of the reason why the breakup took place. After you have sat down, and really thought this threw, you should have somewhat of a better idea if you would like to get back together with your ex-girlfriend. The important thing is to really dig deep and see if the relationship is even worth saving. If all signs point to yes, then its time to proceed.

Does Online Dating Have A Stigma?

For all of the people who are involved with online dating, here?s a quick question for you:

Are you embarrassed to admit to friends and family that you are using an online dating service?

I think this is an interesting question to pose because for whatever reason, online dating still seems to hold some sort of stigma with people. Many people who use online dating and realize the benefits of it are embarrassed to tell others what they?re up to.

It?s not uncommon for couples who meet online to come up with a ?story? on how they met, as opposed to telling people they met online. It?s easier for them to concoct a lie about meeting as opposed to just telling the truth. Funny scenario, isn?t it?

This may have to do with the fact that people assume the only normal way to meet other singles is through the traditional channels, such as work, church, social groups or through friends. If someone resorts to alternative methods, friends and families have preconceived notions that the person must have become desperate in their search for others.

Estimates on active members of online dating sites vary, due to the vague nature of the term ?active?. Let?s assume active to mean someone who has logged into their online dating account within the past month.

Estimates of active online dating accounts in the United States are around 20 million people, but let?s cut that number in half, to 10 million people. The United States has a population of 300 million people, so 1 in every 30 United States citizens (3.3%) uses online dating. That looks like a pretty small percentage.

Let?s adjust the number to give us a more reflective number of singles. After a quick glance at Wikipedia, we see that approximately 25% of the population (or 75 million people) are under the age of 18. We?ll eliminate the minors from our starting figure of 300 million, to give us a pool of 225 million adults.

Married couples make up approximately 25% of the population (or 75 million people), so we need to exclude them from our figures as well. That now brings our pool of 225 million adults down to 150 million eligible singles.

Going back to our original estimate of 10 million active members of online dating sites and you?ll see that almost 1 in every 15 eligible singles in the United States is using online dating.

The number of people who uses online dating sites has increased every single year, so expect the ratio to decrease over time. Also bear in mind that I estimated my figures on the conservative side with 10 million current online users.

Online dating is a growing trend. As hard as it is for many to fathom, 10?s of 1000?s of people log onto the internet for the first time each and every day. It?s an every growing market place that isn?t going to disappear.

I believe that the stigma of online dating will disappear over the next few years. It?s incumbent that users who have found success with online dating share their stories with others. I know that if I find something that works for me, I am willing to share it with all of my friends in the hopes that they can benefit as well.

Meeting people is a difficult thing to do, and it would be foolish not to look at all of your available options. The more we can get people to discuss the merits of online dating, the quicker the stigma and embarrassment will disappear.

Places To Meet Singles In Louisiana

Meeting with singles is easy, what you only need is to know the places that they frequently visit. You should also make sure you go to Places that many people visit. It can be a public place like a restaurant. Make sure you look smart and approachable. Now with this at hand, you will surely meet with someone you can be interested in or at least someone who will notice you. However, you can still find them quite easily in places where it is so obvious to spot them and they might even spot you before you do. Get out of the house and meet with singles in Louisiana.

Watch the way you sit in a night club, people who fold their hands are more likely to communicate that they are unapproachable and people might not approach them. Relax your features. Leave your office look in the office, when you are in a night club, have a nice looking face one that has some seriousness in it but playful at the same time. Some people remain single for a long time even after trying everything they could to get out of the situation because they are too serious. Night clubs you can go to to meet with singles in Louisiana include Club Ritz, Phil Bradys Bar & Grill and Voodo cafe. You can choose to go to a club that is near your area so that you do not use a lot of money in terms of gas or taxi.

You can also make sure you visit the gym. There are singles in Louisiana who go to the gym because they want to keep fit. Some of these people are busy professionals you would not normally meet in the dating world yet some of them are single and searching. Make friends with the people who come in to do their exercises. Make sure you at least know five to ten single people in the club. It could even be the gym instructor who is single and you wouldn't know unless you showed you were interested. Gyms you can go to in Louisiana are Abita Gymnastics, Acadiana Gymnastics
and Bengal Gymnastics. Make sure you get yourself a nice body, one that is good enough to die for and see the number of people who would want to have dates with you.

Go to the singles clubs that around your area like Circle of Friends Singles Support Group and Single Gourmet. Get involved with the many activities that go on in the singles clubs and meet with singles in Louisiana. Look at their calendar and pick an activity that best suits you. Do not forget to note it down on your diary. Make sure you also attend it and make some new friends from the group there. Arrange to meet later with them to have a date with them. Get to know them better. There are many people who have met through singles clubs and their relationships grew to be something special and good. Everytime someone lets you down do not get discourage. Take it as a challenge. Learn from your mistakes. There could be something that you are doing or not doing that is giving you such bad results. Find out what it is and correct it immediately.

Selecting An Online Dating Service

Whether you are looking for a simple date or your future spouse, knowing where to look can make a big difference in the types of people that you meet. With that being said, the same is true of an online dating service and knowing which one will work best for you.

If you are looking to meet someone in your area, start by logging on to an online dating service website and searching for local profiles. If your area is popular on a particular online dating website, then you may receive a lot of interest if you plan to post a profile. If you are looking to respond to an ad, then you will have a better selection if you choose an online dating service that features a number of profiles for singles in your area.

In many cases, it?s free to post a profile. The fees are commonly charged to those who wish to access and respond the personal ads, so consider your budget when choosing whether to post or respond to an ad. If you have the funds, it may be a good idea to try both. Before signing up, take the time to check out the online dating service?s privacy terms, their number of years in business and their record with the local Better Business Bureau.

Many singles opt for using more than one online dating service, which can maximize their chances of finding a date. When selecting an online dating service, it?s important to make sure that the information you provide is confidential. This is especially true if you are entering your credit card or banking information as a form of payment, which is why you will want to make sure the online dating service is reputable before handing over your private financial information. Avoid using an online dating service just because it looks professional or offers the better deal. Even though cost is an important consideration, the larger concern is making sure the company is legitimate. This is where the Better Business Bureau report will come into play, which details how long the company has been in business, whether their record is satisfactory or not and how many, if any, complaints have been lodged against the company within the last 24-36 months.

When it comes to dating and meeting new people, make sure that your online mingling spot is just as reputable as your favorite local hotspot.

Pickup Girls – The Seven Best Places

When I was in high school, I was the guy who was glued to the wall at the school dances, wishing he could ask just ONE girl to dance. But every evening after the dance had ended, I was sure to go home alone.

Not Any More! I?ve come a long way since then, have an incredible college social life - and more girls than I know what to do with! (You can read more about my long, successful, incredible transformation, on my blog - see Resource Box below this article.)

One of the ?essentials? I had to learn, on my road from dating-dork to dating-Master, was WHERE to pickup girls. Not just places with women, but places PACKED with women, places that made it EASY to pickup women - and places with HOT women!

So let?s get to it. Here are 7 of the best places to pickup girls. I?ve listed them starting with common places (lots of women), to uncommon (a bit harder to do the pickup, but higher quality women).

#7: Bars & Nightclubs

Ok, I had to start with the place every guy thinks of first. But bars are not the best places to pickup women. Not the best setup. Not the best women. And one of the toughest pickup ?environments? around.

However, bars are everywhere, nightclubs are fun, and they?re packed with girls on particular nights and during the ?rush hours?. Plus, you can pickup more than one girl per evening out, IF you do it right. So how about a setup where the girl picks YOU up? How?d ya like that??

The Key: Choose your spot.

Checkout your intended target beforehand. Then go early the night you?re ?operating?, and reserve yourself the busiest spot at the bar (that you?ve already picked out).

All night, people will be cramming to get past you as they try to order their drinks in the chaos. And half of those people will be WOMEN!

Women will be knocking into you, touching you, crushing you - all night. You?ll get a constant series of perfect moments, for opening conversations with the girls of your choice!

#6: The Mega-Mall

Every large city has a mega-mall (or several). But even if you live in a small town, that one place in town everyone goes to shop, will do just fine.

Women love to shop. That?s a fact. So it just follows that anytime you go to the mall, there?s bound to be lots of women there.

The Key: Choose your time.

Do your research beforehand. Go to the Mall at different times of day, and different days. Walk around and see what kind of ?pickings? are available. (Also, you?ll find the best spots where women tend to congregate.)

One thing that amazed me was that the times with the MOST women, were not necessarily the times with the BEST looking women. So be sure to try the lunch-break, after work, and later in the evening. Then pick the time, frequented by the kind of women you would like to meet!

And speaking of Malls...

#5: Fragrance Stores

If you don?t know what these are, take a sniff of the air - you?ll find them! These are the places that sell bath oils, shower gels, body lotions - all in cute little pre-packaged assortments, with a ton of different fragrances all with cute sounding names. Women can?t get enough of this stuff.

#4: Franchise Coffee Shops

Personally, I think it?s kinda dumb to frequent a shop that just sells coffee. Isn?t that what donut shops are for? But after a long, ?tough? day of shopping, women love to drop all their bags and relax with a coffee/tea. They?re bored, they?re tired, and they?d just love some company. Try asking her if her shopping ?war? was successful - then be prepared to spend the next hour reviewing her ?captives?.

#3: Franchise Bookstores

Franchise Bookstores: Any bookstore works, but the big franchises attract women like a magnet (think Barnes & Noble). Especially on ?dating nights? and weekends, when a women who doesn?t have a date that week, can easily occupy herself for an entire evening, book-browsing.

The Key: Choose your books.

Once again, do your research beforehand. In every section that women frequent, pick one book (preferably a new best-seller), and get familiar with it.

Then, when you?re ready to cruise the bookstore aisles and you see a girl you?d like to know better - you?ve got something to talk about, that you know she?ll be interested in. In most cases, all you have to do is ask her if she?s read that particular book, and she?ll do all the talking! If she has, you just listen as she gives her opinion (women love doing that!); if she hasn?t, you can do your gentlemanly ?duty? and fill her in about it.

There are 5 great locations for you, for picking up women. But there are even better places for pickups - where the Hottest girls go!

For the #2 and #1 pickup locations, continuing reading Part 2 on my blog (see Resource Box below).

Adolescent Therapy And Early Sexual Debut

This clinical research project, written by Dr. Cortney Weissglass, who will be a New York psychologist, seeks to investigate the relationship between parent-child relationships and early involvement in sexual activity among adolescent females. Adolescent females' early sexual debut is a considerable problem in the United States, with an estimated 4% of females under the age of 13 initiating sexual intercourse (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2008). These younger adolescents do not reliably use contraceptives; therefore, have an increased risk for STDs (Abma et al., 2004) and also for later economic and educational difficulties should they become pregnant (Rodgers, 1999; Staton et al., 1999; Taylor-Seehafer and Rew, 2000). Adolescent risky sexual activity is often a topic for therapy in New York.

Another consideration for New York psychologists surrounds the parent-child relationship. Parent-child relationship factors were reviewed with respect to early sexual debut. New York psychologists should be aware that aspects of family relationships such as frequent and open communication and a close, supportive, warm parent-adolescent relationship balanced with appropriate supervision, discipline, and limit-setting were consistently found to be related to overall adolescent psychological functioning and a decrease in risky sexual behaviors including delayed sexual debut (Nagamatsu et al., 2008; Raffaelli and Crocket, 2003; Ream and Savin-Williams, 2005). When seeking therapy in New York, it is important to understand that each of the empirically validated family therapy treatments of Functional Family Therapy, Multidisciplinary Family Therapy, and Multisystemic Family Therapy reviewed appear to address multiple factors involved in early sexual debut (Henggeler and Schaeffer, 2010; Liddle, 2010;Waldron and Brody, 2010). Recommendations for further research to address some of the remaining limitations as well as applying existing family therapy modalities in order to address the significant familial factors involved in these risky behaviors were made.

As a psychologist in New York, I understand the unique challenges of working with adolescents engaging in risky sexual behaviors and I strive to provide therapy in New York that meets the needs of each of my clients. My research along with significant experience offering therapy to adolescents allows me to approach each of my clients with an understanding of the whole person. When I provide therapy in New York, I will offer a strengths-base approach that focuses on each client's unique strengths and resiliency as a means to overcoming the obstacles they are facing.

Written by Dr. Cortney Weissglass as part of Clinical Research Project submitted to the Faculty of the American School of Professional Psychology of Argosy University, Washington, DC Campus, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology. Dissertation chair: Ann Womack, PhD and Member: Jennifer McEwan, PhD. August, 2010.

For a full list of references, contact Dr. Weissglass

Hormones Sexual Therapy Revives Love Life

Complications have utterly covered our lives and caused several mental-health problems. We come across with people suffering from depression, anxiety and various other addictions. With hormones sexual therapy, patients suffering from sex problems, in the majority of cases, afford to improve their love life and physical characteristics.

There is SRT (Sex Reassignment Therapy) which is also called gender reassignment. It is used for all medical procedures regarding sex reassignment of both intersexual and transgender people. The SRT consists of hormone replacement therapy to change secondary sex characteristics, surgery to modify primary sex characteristics and permanent hair removal for trans-women.

There is Hormone Replacement Therapy for transsexual men and women, causes the development of many of the secondary sexual characteristics of their desired sex.

Another sex hormone therapy is Chest Reconstruction Surgery for Male chest reconstruction and Breast implant. This process is done by binding of the chest tissue. The breast augmentation is also done.

But hormone replacement therapy varies person to person. It often takes psychological counseling. In that period, there is a test takes place which is known as "cross-living" or Real-Life-Test. If you're a woman lacking in sex drive, it is imperative for you to take sex hormone therapy.

Most of us think how our hormones affect our sex lives. There are many women who accord their hormones are responsible for wrong in their sexual relationships. It is one of the commonest female problems is loss of sex desire. The sex therapy consultant understands our hormones and body.

Lots of research papers have put across so far but no any has yet managed to come up with any clear-cut result.

A woman's ovaries produce large amounts of sex hormones - progesterone and oestrogen. They also produce small amounts of the male hormones - androstenedione and testosterone. But a common gland i.e., the pituitary gland secretes hormones: FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (Luteininsing Hormone), in both men and women.

Both sexes use Viagra to increase their sexual desire. Viagra is of little use because it has no effect on desire. There is no magic pill to you're your problems. You need to make changes in your relationship.

Many sex experts are trying to deal with loss of libido. They believe lack of sympathy for partners has a great deal to do with a lack of sex drive.

Patients visit sex consultants because they understand that hormonal problem is the root cause of their unsatisfactory love-lives. The Hormone Sex therapy put this right in both men and women.

An Author is an Contributor writer for the website and plays major role for the website -(


Grasp The Sex Signals, Make Sex Life Better

Nature is in control of the biological physical laws, so human sex will inevitably be affected. Recently, in United States, the magazine of "The Men's Health" released a set of figures about sex, which contains a lot of sex laws. Take advantage of these signals about sex, can make the sex life better quality and more scientific.

At 6-7 o'clock in the morning, the body of a man is the most sensitive. Sexologist Kamal Branch Hu Rana study to found that at 6-7 o'clock in the morning, the male body is most sensitive and have the stronger sexual desire. After a night of rest,

Drove away the fatigue and recover more energy. Meanwhile, the male hormone secretion strong, harder erection and lasting. They feel relatively relaxed in Psychologically, and more confident of their sexuality. Therefore, wake up in the morning, tenderness and make love is a good choice.

Have the exchange after Sex 15 minutes is the best time. If you have any misunderstanding or should make an apology or explanation, please stay it after the sex then do it. The study found that 15 minutes after sex, men and women are with the highest degree of recognition and tolerance on the each other, so seize this moment with him (her) exchange, many problems will be solved.

A woman is most likely to produce the sexual fantasies at 22:00. The experts of the Harvard Medical School study found that around 22:00, creative cells of the female brain is most active, and they are more good at imagination, fantasy most of the content the "sex", "love". Therefore, the men are better to go to bed before 10 o'clock, and shared the passion with her.

From strangers to close contact with each other are at an average of 6 months. Love is about a mutual understanding and exploration process. Too fast will make us can not enjoy the fun of the love; too slow will lose the passion. Psychologists study found that in a successful marriage of the couple, from acquaintance to have sex with the average time is six months. "Six months is not too long, but the progress can make your feelings and sex lives are more harmonious," the investigators said.

A men's sexuality is the most unstable time is at 20:00. At 20:00 the man's male hormone most volatile moment of the day, he will feel fatigue, and decreased the libido. If choose to make love at this time, they are in all likelihood will play disorders.

Please do not work within 1 hour after the sex. Because sex will inhibit the activity of the brain logical area and speed up the speed of the lower body blood circulation, make the brain transient ischemia. The will weakened logic capacity and ability to solve problems. So please have an hour of rest after sex, then deal with other matters.

Frequently change the sexual partners will make life shortened by 4.7 years. The partner change would endanger the heart health. Blood pressure is hard to stable. One study found that in France, have multiple or frequent replacement of sexual partners, will speed up the rate of aging, shortened life expectancy 4.7 years.

Please must remember these sex signals. It is important to get hold of the sex life skill, but also to grasp the laws of sex. The better way to get the best sex blessing.

Women Faking Orgasms

Everybody heard rumours about women faking orgasms. Is that true? The majority of women have faked a minumum of one orgasm, yet some fake the majority of them. Why do they do that? There are many reasons and the case is that there's no one to blame.

The most typical are two reasons: they don't want to make their partners feel bad or they are tired and just want to end sex. Most females say that their partners are not satisfied until the girls feels orgasm, there's only one way to make them feel happy and stop the exhausting procedure - fake.

Another reason is that a typical female doesn't seek for orgasm; she desires a sexual relationship only because she wants intimacy. Still, such an attitude may make her partner feel bad. The only way out is to fake it out.

Some women never really experience orgasm while making sex, but they want their partner to feel good about himself and her. Men usually expect women to have pleasure, that's why females have no other choice. They have to fake to have a good relationship.

Loss of interest, having sex only because the partner wants to, also makes women to fake. Most females talk to their friends about such things and while they know other women act it, they do so too, because it's an easier way to possess a good relationship.

When a man tries very hard, sometimes even too hard to make his woman have an orgasm, the woman usually finds it better to fake it than to disappoint her partner once again. They fear rejection if a man wouldn't understand her, they don't want to offend men because the absence of an orgasm is actually not their fault.

Some women may have health problems. If, while experiencing she becomes too sensitive and wants to stop, she fakes an orgasm so that you can stop and relax. Orgasm may also cause discomfort and pain; that's a serious problem and she can't be blamed for faking. In such cases, most women prefer and enjoy orgasm more during solitary masturbation. Although they feel better while having orgasm themselves, they want to make their partner feel good too, so they act an orgasm out.

A female orgasm can be most easily faked by a good actress. There are few options: gripping something tightly; moaning loudly; breathing deeply; burying face into something (pillow); doing kegels or anything else at least remotely dramatic or climatic.

How to proceed if you think your partner is faking? Talk about it. Maybe she knows some special position or action that would make her happy. Don't get angry if she admits faking. Try to solve the problem, but don't get too far, don't try too hard because it may become an exhausting activity rather than an act of love.